The Club House

The clubhouse offers a range of facilities and top-quality catering to suit every occasion from snacks and meals after a round of golf to larger social/private functions.

The conservatory bar is open and airy with large windows overlooking the course. The bar is fully licensed and you can enjoy a range of bar snacks or alternatively there are excellent restaurant facilities with a wide-ranging and constantly-changing menu.

Attached to the main bar is a spike bar, once again with all the facilities you would expect. Adjacent to the spike bar there is a snooker room for the use of members and visitors alike.

Clubhouse general information

If there is no requirement for the bar to be open, it will be closed at the discretion of the Clubhouse Manager.

If the course is closed due to the prevailing conditions, there will be no bar or catering but the Clubhouse will be open for a limited period.

The snooker table will close 30 minutes prior to the bar, and the Clubhouse will normally close 30 minutes after the bar closes.

Pre-booked functions or events may be arranged with the Clubhouse Manager outside the times below.

April to October

The bar is open from 10.00 to 22.30.

Catering is from 10.15 to 17.30. Any meals required after 17.30 must be pre-ordered from the menu as advised by the Clubhouse Manager.

November to March

The bar is open from 10.00 to 17.30.

Catering is from 10.15 to 15.30. Any meals required after 15.30 must be pre-ordered from the menu as advised by the Clubhouse Manager.

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Course Status
Currently open
20.04.2018 08:08
With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies, No Buggies.