Vicars Cross Golf Club Seniors Open Tuesday 12th. September 2017

1st Prize of £100.00 each goes to Chris Ireland & Nigel Boucher from Lymn GC with a score of 44 Points.

2nd Prize of £70.00 each goes to Bob Wilson from Ashton In Makerfield GC and Walter Pierce from Blundells Hill GC with a score of 43 Points.

3rd Prize of £60.00 each goes to D. Taylor from Pryor Hayes GC and H. Pay from Helsby GC with a score of 42 Points.

4th Prize of £40.00 each goes to Philip Bell & John Brunt from Crewe GC with a score of 41 Points after a card playoff.

5th Prize of £30.00 each goes to Geoff Patrick & S. Everall from Crewe GC with a score of 41 Points after a card playoff.

6th Prize of £20.00 each goes to Mike Todd & A. Millar from Antrobus GC with a score of 41 Points after a card playoff.

The prize of £50 for nearest the pin on the eighteenth hole went to Bryan Pughe from Oswestry GC.




Held at Vicars Cross Golf Club on 8th August 2017

Jack McKie from Carden Park GC with a score of 76-10-66

Best Boys Gross:
Kristian Towers from Crewe GC with a score of 77 gross

Best Boys Nett:
Ewan Holt from Stockport GC with a score of 87-15-72

Best Girls Gross:
Louise McLoughlin from Bromborough GC with a score of 84 gross

Best Girls Nett:
Sophie Lee from Vicars Cross GC with a score of 87-14-73

Ladies Open

Results 18 August 2017

Winners with 86 points from Swinton Park GC
Joyce Ryder, Shirley Sinclair, May Parks and Carol Batchelor

Second with 85 points from Hart Common GC
Jacqueline Lowe, Carole Bullock, Diane Pilling and Wendy Ascroft

Third with 84 points from Ringway GC
Lilian Syme, Gill James, Glenys Bal and Pat Taylor

Fourth with 83 points after a card play-off from Grange Park GC
Ann Lorentz, Valda Jones, Jean Guest and Irene Heaton

Ladies Invitation


Ladies Invitation 19th July 2017

Winners with 86 points
Members Jen leech & Pat Cunningham with guests Pam Lucas and Rose Hughes from Upton GC

Runners Up with 85 points after a card play off
Members Jenny Hunt & Cynthia Roe with guests Judi Hewitt from Crewe GC and Les Holt from Sutton Hall GC

3rd place with 85 points
Members Linda Briggs & Rosie Baxendale with guests Lesley Drummond from Trentham GC and Sue James from Bromborough GC

Mens Team Open


Men’s Team Open 2017. Held at Vicars Cross Golf Club on Sunday 2nd July 2017

1st place with 110 points and winning £100 each were
Messrs M Isherwood, A Wilson, N Sheridan and L Mcevoy from Hurleston Hall GC

2nd place with 109 points winning £70 each were
Messrs G Barnes, P Markham, R Shuttleworth and S Evans from Vicars Cross GC

3rd place also with 109 points and winning £50 each were
Messrs A Breakey, M Hopkins, O Claireaux and P Hopkins from Chester and Portal Golf Clubs

4th place also with 109 points and winning £40 each were
Messrs P Scullion, N Waite, G Higton and J Williamson from Vicars Cross Golf Club.

Seniors Open


Vicars Cross Golf Club Seniors Open Tuesday 27th. June 2017

1st Prize: £100 each was won by L Hampson and J Delaney from Stockport GC with 48 Points after a card play off

2nd Prize: £70 each went to F Lee and R. Spencer from Blundells Hill with 48 Points

3rd Prize: £60 each went to I. Goulty and A. Viech from Hale GC with 47 Points

4th Prize: £40 each went to J. Davies and A. Sarbuck from Bramhall Park GC with 46 Points

5th Prize: £30 each went to R. Altree from Padeswood & Buckley GC and M. Sumner from Astbury GC with 44 Points

6th Prize: £20 each went to M. Heathfield and J. Smith from Bromborough GC with 43 Points

Nearest The Pin on the 18th. Hole prize of £50 went to D. Ankers from Runcorn GC.

Redfern Open


Results of the Redfern Mixed Open 4th June 2017

Winners from Vicars Cross Golf Club with 44 points were Mike Earley and Cynthia Roe.

Second with 44 points after a card playoff were Ged Wilkinson from Vicars Cross Golf Club and Jane Drake from Royston Golf Club.

Third with 43 points were Mark and Caron.Corden from Tytherington Golf Club.

Fourth with 42 points were Charles Shin and Joan Lee from Swinton Park Golf Club.

Nearest the pin for the ladies and men were won by Ewa Sidorczuk and Rob Tudor.
Rigbys Jewellers also sponsored a nearest the pin on the 18th and was won by Sue Atkin.

Mens Open


Men’s Open Fourball Betterball Stableford Results 3rd May 2017

Winners with a prize of £100 each goes to C Harrington & J Findlay scoring 48 points.

Second with a prize of £70 each were D Pealing & G Mills scoring 47 points.

Third with a prize of £50 each were G Erickson & D Sinnot scoring 46 points.

Fourth with a prize of £40 each were M Blackhurst & L Taylor scoring 45 points. (After a card playoff)

Ladies Open


Results for the Ladies Open held at Vicars Cross Golf Club 12th May 2017

Thank you all for competing at our club and we hope to see you at our next open. Congratulations to the winners who are...

First with 88 points
Fran Carrington from Houghwood GC
Paula Adamson from Houghwood GC
Dee Griffiths from Houghwood GC
Sheila Bowe from Houghwood GC

Second with 87 points
Veronica Wilson from Rochdale GC
Veronica Leech from Sale GC
Rita Barton from Styal GC
Sue Bamford from Rochdale GC

Third with 86 points
Kathy Meigh from Rhuddlan GC
Tracy Spencer from Rhuddlan GC
Suzanne Kane from Rhuddlan GC
Caren Marsden from Rhuddlan GC

Texas Scramble Team Results

Texas Scramble Team Open 11th September 2016
1st. A. Bower, J.Entwistle, W.Lavery, D.Looker. 55-1.8 =53.2 (£70ea) Breightmet GC

2nd. I.Hayes, D.Hargreaves, S.Williams, N.Davies. 60-3.2=56.8 (£50ea) Abergele GC

3rd. A.Parry, P.Parry, N.Parry, R. Shepherd. 61-3.5=57.5 (£40ea) Vicars Cross GC

4th. N.Waite, R.Taylor, T.Waite, N.J. Waite 61-3.4=57.6 (£30ea) Vicars Cross GC

Seniors Open Results

Vicars Cross Golf Club Seniors Open Tuesday 6th. September 2016

1St. Prize 2 X £100.00
Phillip Davies & Rhys Bellis ( Padeswood & Buckley ) 48 points

2nd. Prize 2 X £70.00
Jim Cleland & M Edwards ( Vicars Cross ) 47 points

3rd. Prize 2 X £60.00
M. Easthorpe & M. Easthorpe ( Mountain Park & Ashton ) 47 points

4th. Prize 2 X £40.00
Brian Pughe & Robert Hughes (Oswestry ) 47 points

5th. Prize 2 X £30.00
David Taylor & Howard Pay ( Priors Hayes ) 45 points

6th. Prize 2 X £20.00
D. Wang & Tommy Thomson ( Oswestry ) 44 points

Plus one additional free entry prize…….. 1 X £50.00
Nearest the pin on the eighteenth hole with one shot.
Mike Edwards ( Prenton )

Ladies Open Results


Thank you all for coming to Vicars Cross and playing in our Open. The Winners are:-

Winners with 84 points on a card playoff from Bramall Park GC:
Verity Gilbert, Donna MacIntosh, Sue Flitt and Michelle Pretty

Runners Up with 84 points from Rhuddlan GC:
Margaret Shepherd, Jacqueline Bate, Shelagh Shepherd and Barbara Evans

Third place with 83 points from Sandiway GC:
Jill Peters, Dorothy Lamour, Melanie Barton and Mary Seddon

Fourth place with 81 points from Wychwood Park GC:
Susan Malins, Bernie Jackson, Mandy Roberts and Andrea Waiman

Seniors Open Results 28th June 2016

Vicars Cross Seniors Open 28th. June 2016

All Prizes are for vouchers redeemable in the Vicars Cross Golf Shop and all winners have been notified by phone.

1st Prize 2 X £100.00
A Hunt & T. Jones from Alsager with 47 Points
2nd Prize 2 X £80.00
S. Aspinall & B. Wellings from Grange Park with 45 Points
( Count Back )
3rd Prize 2 X £65.00
H. Morgan & N. Waite from Vicars Cross with 45 Points
( Count back )
4th. Prize 2 X £50.00
S. Taylor & J. Pye from Aldersley Green with 44 points
( Count Back )
5th. Prize 2 X £40.00
M. Yaxley & K. Strahan from Prenton with 44 Points
( Count Back )
6th. Prize 2 x £25.00
J. Cooke & D. Owen from Abergele with.44 Points
( Count Back )
Special extra Prize Nearest The Pin on the 18th hole £50.00
Mr. T. Devenold from Bromborough

Redfern Open Results

Redfern Mixed Open - 5th June 2016

Winners with prize vouchers worth £120 each
Steve Roberts (Vicars Cross GC) and Sara Fitzgerald (Ormskirk GC) with a score of 42 points.

2nd place with prize vouchers worth £95 each
Jurek Brown (Conwy GC) and Liz Robinson (Carden Park GC) with a score of 40 points

3rd place with prize vouchers worth £70 each
Graham Gell and Frances Gell (Bramhall GC) with a score of 39 points after a card playoff.

4th place with prize vouchers worth £50 each
Mark Lyons (Warrington GC) and Liz Lyons (Lymm GC) with a score of 39 points after a card playoff.

Nearest the Pin on 8th – Ladies from Jenny Herbert – Vicars Cross
Nearest the Pin on 18th – Men – John Lees – Chester Golf Club

Mens Open Results

Mens Open Results - Saturday June 4th 2016

1st M. WALKER & J. GALLETLY 47 pts

2nd J. JOHNSON & T. SWEENEY 43 pts


4th T. HALL & K. LOWE 42 pts (CPO)

Ladies Open Results

Winners with 86 points from Rhuddlan Golf Club
Helen Brick,
Margaret Shephard,
Jackie Bate
Shelagh Shepherd

2nd with 82 points
Mandy B Maxwell (Vicars Cross GC)
Laura M Markham (Vicars Cross GC)
Sue Goddard (Vale Royal GC)
Chris Orchard (Vale Royal GC)

3rd with 80 points after a card play off
Mavis Goodall (West Lancashire GC)
Joyce Ryder (Swinton Park GC)
Elaine Martin (West Lancashire GC)
Liz Martin (Hoylake GC)

Texas Scramble Open


Vicars Cross Texas Scramble Open, September 13th

R.Taylor, D.Finlay, M.Jones & J.Williamson with a Gross 56 - 1.8, Net 54.2

A. Roberts, J. Roberts, T. Finch, D. Upton with a Gross 60 - 4.6, Net 55.4

3rd Place:
S. Parry, M. Lowe, R. Roberts, S. Taylor with a Gross 59 - 3.4, Net 55.6

4th Place:
P. Meggison, C. Barrett, C. Roberts, S. Thompson with a Gross 61 - 4.4, Net 56.6





Many thanks to RIGBY JEWELLERS Chester for sponsoring the day.

1st. From Vicars Cross Golf Club with 102 points
Mr. Kenny Close
Mr. Steve Challinor
Mr. Sammy Cameron
Mr. Gary Gillam.

2nd. From Vicars Cross Golf Club with 99 points
Mr. Paul Markham Vicars Cross Golf Club
Mr. Peter Matthews
Mr. Stephen Evans
Mr. Gary Barnes.

3rd. From High Legh Golf Club with 98 points
Mr. Alastair Cooke
Mr. Dave Thomas
Mr. Andy Riley
Mr. Steven O'Brian.

Nearest the Pin 18th

Mr. Stewart Derbyshire Eaton Golf Club

This Open was a Stableford competition with the best two scores on the first 6 holes, three scores on the next 6 and all four scores on the last 6 holes are to count.

Seniors Open Results

Seniors Open Tuesday 30th June 2015.

1st. Prize ( 2 X £100.00 ) With 45 Points.

R. Spencer & F. Lee from Blundells Hill GC

2nd. Prize ( 2 X £ 80.00 ) With 43 Points

R. Wynne & B. McKee from Brackenwood GC

3rd. Prize ( 2 X £.65.00 ) With 43 Points

P. Gunn & D. Webb from Bromborough GC

4th. Prize ( 2 X £ 50.00 ) With 42 Points

R. Fairweather& B. Atherton from Grange Park GC

5th. Prize ( 2 X £ 40.00 ) With 42 Points

D. Morgan & N. Waite from Vicars Cross GC

6th. Prize ( 2 X £ 25,00 ) With 41 Points

K. Whitely & K. Patrick from Poulton Park GC

Nearest the Pin on the 18th Hole was T. Spencer from Bowring GC

Mid Amateur Results

Gareth Bradbury wins Vicars Cross Chalice in the Vicars Cross Mid Amateur Open 21st June 2015

Gareth Bradbury, from Bramhall and former Cheshire County Captain won the Vicars Cross Mid-Amateur Scratch Open, on Sunday 21 June. The players compete for the Vicars Cross Chalice and prizes worth £1250, with a voucher of £400 to the winner.

The event, which is one of the few Mid-Amateur Opens in the North West, attracted a strong field from Clubs as far afield as Norfolk, North Hants, Woking and Lindrick. Entries were, however, slightly down due to the clash with ‘Fathers’ Day’ and Martin Slumbers, the new R&A Chief Executive, who played in last year’s inaugural event regrettably felt that it might be more appropriate for him to represent the R&A at the US Open at Chambers Bay! Fortunately, we had no complaints about our greens, especially from the winners!!

On a day when the conditions were not easy, with winds and the occasional shower, the scores were very good. Gareth’s winning gross score of 144 (73 71) was level par beating John V Williams from Prestatyn , who carded an excellent 4 under 68 in the afternoon, by two shots. Andrew Oates from Worksop was third also on 146, with scores of 71 and 75. The three leading scores were all carded by plus handicap players, which indicates how impressive the score of 147 in 4th place by home player Paul Shaw, was off 6 handicap. This has since been modified!

The best morning gross score was won by Kevin Parkes from Lindrick with a 75 and the afternoon best gross was returned by Steve Creed from Maxstoke Park, in the West Midlands, with a 73.
Although the main event is a scratch competition there was strong competition for the 3 nett prizes and some excellent scores were returned.

The story of the day was provided by home player Chris Palin, playing off a handicap of 8, who recorded scores of 69 and 70 for a total of 139 to win this category by 4 shots from John Lewis also from Vicars Cross with 143 and Bruce Macfarlane from Sudbrook Moor, in Lincolnshire, on 144.
Why was it the story of the day? It actually all started a week ago during Captain’s Day competition at Vicars Cross. Chris was unfortunately struck on the head by a wayward shot on the course and fell to the ground in considerable distress. He was immediately rushed to A&E but to everyone’s relief was allowed home. He was obviously kept under observation during last week but it appears that the only restriction put upon him was not to play football and especially not to head the ball! We were all amazed and delighted that he was actually able to play but to a win one of the top prizes was fantastic. Shades of Jason Day!!

Vicars Cross was able to provide a total of £1250 in prizes for this competition due to the generous sponsorship of Archimedes Private Office who are based in Geneva, Dublin and London. The Club is very grateful for this support and we are delighted that Archimedes Private Office is again sponsoring the event next year.

The photograph shows the Captain of Vicars Cross, David French, presenting the Chalice to Gareth Bradley alongside the Club President, Bill Davies, who presented the nett prizes.

Vicars Cross Chalice - gross
Winner Gareth Bradley - Bramahall 73 71 = 144
R/u John Williams Prestatyn 78 68 = 146
3rd Andrew Oates Worksop 71 75 = 146
4th Paul Shaw Vicars Cross 73 74 147
am gross Kevin Parkes Lindrick 75
pm gross Steve Creed Maxstoke Park 73

36 holes nett
1st Chris Palin Vicars Cross 69 70 = 139
2nd John Lewis Vicars Cross 73 70 = 143
3rd Bruce Macfarlane Sudbrook Moor 73 71 = 144

Mixed Open Results

Redfern Mixed Open 7th June 2015

1st. Phil & Julie Revill. - Sherwood Forest Golf Club 42 pts.
2nd. Ged & Jane Wilkinson - Vicars Cross Golf Club. 41 pts.
3rd. B.Ogden & P.Bellis - Haydock Park Golf Club. 40 pts
4th on a c.p.o. Dave Jones & Helen Brick - Rhuddlan Golf Club. 40 pts

Nearest the pin hole 18 - Liz Ruscoe Vicars Cross Golf Club. Prize donated by Rigby Jewellers

Mens Open Results

The results of the Mens Open held at Vicars Cross GC on 6th June 2015 were:-

1st Richard Garth & Tony Foster (Baildon Golf Club) with 42 pts

2nd Glen Graham & Mike Blackhurst (Vicars Cross Golf Club) With 40 pts

3rd Alan Hough & Phil Benton (Vicars Cross Golf Club) with 39 pts

4th Dave Downham & Gareth Malson (Vicars Cross Golf Club) with 38 pts (CPO)

Ladies Open Results

Results of the Ladies Open - 15th May

Ann Francis Vicars Cross, Di Lamb Warrington, Rosemary Murphy Frodsham, Hilary Jones Frodsham with 79 pts

Cath Bramwell, Abergele, Bev Lindquist Abergele, Haf Thomas Abergele, Heather Leadsham Abergele with 78 pts

Seniors Open Results

Seniors Open Results
2nd September 2014
Winning Team with £100 voucher each
Mr English and Mr Donnelly from Blundelshill GC
Runners Up with £75 voucher each
Mr Patrick and Mr Pehlmann from Crewe GC
Third Place with £60 voucher each
Mr Redfern and Mr Timewell from Prenton
Fourth Place with £40 voucher each
Mr George and Mr JD Williams from Vicars Cross
Fifth Place with £30 voucher each
Mr Welch from Hawkstone Park GC and Mr Owen from Beau Desert GC
Nearest the Pin with a £40 voucher
Mr D Morris from Llangollen.

Junior Championship

Results and photos


This year the Chester Junior Golf Championships were held at Vicars Cross and junior golfers from Upton, Chester, Eaton and Vicars Cross attended. The Champion Boy golfer was Shaun Coppock from Upton Golf Club with a gross score of 76 75=151. The Champion Girl golfer was Erin Toft from Chester Golf Club with a gross score of 88 85=173. The pictures show winners receiving their prizes from Vicars Cross Lady Captain Kathryn Shaw.(click on a picture to see full details)

CHAMPION GIRL Erin Toft (Chester) Gross 88 85 = 173
CHAMPION BOY Shaun Coppock (Upton) Gross 76 75 = 151
RUNNER UP Jack Craven (Vicars Cross) Gross 80 77 = 157
NEAREST PIN ON 18th - A.M. Nathan Newton (Upton)
NEAREST PIN ON 18th - P.M. James Hamilton (Chester) (Hole in One)
FIRST ROUND GROSS Sham Jagota (Eaton) Gross 81
FIRST ROUND NET Michael Smith (Upton) Net 71
SECOND ROUND GROSS Luke Faulkner (Chester) Gross 77
SECOND ROUND NET Andrew Perratt (Chester) Net 67
36 HOLES NET Nathan Newton (Upton) Net 70 67 = 137

Ladies Open Results

Result of the Ladies Open 15th August 2014

The Winning Team with 83 points were
- Liz Robinson: Bramall Park GC
- Di Gillan: Stoke on Trent GC
- N. Rawsthorn: Wilmslow GC
- Sue McMillen: Trentham GC
Second placed team were all from Bramall Park GC with 82 points and were
- Michelle Pretty, Verity Gilbert, Donna Macintosh and Judy Read.
Third placed team were all from Ringway GC with 77 points and were
- Fay Pye, Pam Evans, Lindy Cheatham and Pat Bolton.
Congratulations to Judy Read from Bramall Park GC for a hole in one on the 13th.
Those who scored twos were Ruth Jacobs, Margaret Allen, Sue Moore, Shelagh Sturgeon, Liz Robinson, Sylvia Hare, Lesley Thornhill, Claire Whitney and Marion Watson.
Well done to all the contestants and hope to see you all again soon

Captains' Team Open

This year is the 75th anniversary of the founding of Vicars Cross Golf Club and one of the special events to celebrate was a Captains' Team Open .

Captains from clubs both near and far were invited to enter a 4 man team to compete and a total of 27 teams played on Tuesday 19th August.

The event was generously sponsored by Rigby Jewellers, Chester, and Jason Rigby presented the prizes.

The winning team was from Brookfield Golf Club near Nantwich.

The picture (from left to right) shows Jason Rigby from Rigby Jewellers, Jack Forbes (Brookfield Captain) with his team; Matthew Jackson, John Williams, Matthew Horton together with Vicars Cross Captain Alan Barker.

Mixed Invitation Results

Winners: Carol Harven & Rob Jones with 40 points

Second: Ken Sutton & Chris Lloyd with 38 points

Third: Lady Captain & John Farrell with 37 points
(After a card play off with Liz Torbet & Steve Lloyd and Ann Frances & Wilson Lamb)

Junior Open Results

Vicars Cross Junior Open Results - Nett Scores
1st - David Baird –Vicars Cross
2nd - George Smith – Carden Park
3rd - Tom Reynoldson –Vicars Cross
Vicars Cross Junior Open Results - Gross Scores
1st - Joseph Cloherty - Woolton
2nd - Chris Vaughan - Frodsham
3rd - William Dodds - Wilmslow
Vicars Cross Diamond Trophy
Winners - Vicars Cross
Tom Reynoldson, David Baird and Stuart Moscrop
The Telegraph Golf Qualifier
Boys best gross - Joseph Cloherty - Woolton
Boys best nett - David Baird –Vicars Cross
Girls best gross - Erin Toft - Northop
Girls best nett - Emma Audsley – York GC

Chester Championships 2014

Each year the 4 Chester golf clubs: Chester, Eaton, Upton and Vicars Cross enter players to compete for the Chester Championship Trophy.

This year the championship was held at Vicars Cross and the winner was Pete Bostock of Upton-by-Chester Golf Club.

Pete is pictured above receiving his trophy from Alan Barker, Vicars Cross Captain. Pete is a scratch golfer and returned scores over the 2 round scratch competition of 71 72 = 143.

Mid Amateur Scratch Open

Michael Hunt, a 2 handicap golfer from Pleasington Golf Club was the winner of the inaugural Vicars Cross Chalice Tournament held on Saturday, 28 June at Vicars Cross Golf Club, Chester. This is a 36 holes Mid Amateur Scratch Open for low handicap golfers aged over 35. Although is format has not yet taken off in the North West, It is hoped that this new event will lead to other Mid Amateur competitions in the region. The Vicars Cross Chalice is a participating tournament in the Mid Amateur Golf Tour which operates an Order of Merit for competitors. The event is supported and sponsored by Deva Travel, the well-known Chester Travel Agents. In spite of the heavy rain on the day making playing conditions difficult, the golf was of the high standard expected of low handicap players. Congratulations to Michael on a great performance and thanks to John Baird for his hard work in getting this first prestigious event in our calendar. 

Vicars Cross Chalice Mid Amateur 36 holes Scratch Open 28 June 2014 full results:

36 Holes Gross 
Winner: Michael Hunt from Pleasington GC with 75&70=145 after a three hole play-off

Runner Up: Richard Baird from Vicars Cross GC with 72&73=145

Third: Karl Smith from Handsworth GC with 77&69=146 after a card play off 

Fourth: Dave Westwood from Handsworth GC with 76&70=146

Best am gross Stephen Creed from Maxstoke Park GC with a 73 

Best pm gross Steve Bland from North Hants GC with a 72 

36 holes nett 

1st Mark Robertson (8) from Vicars Cross GC with 76&70=146 after a card playoff

2nd Andrew Bradshaw (1) from Bramhall GC with 73&73=146

Redfern Open Results

Here are the results of the Redfern Open held at Vicars Cross Golf Club on the 8th June 2014:-

1st:: Ged & Jane Wilkinson from Vicars Cross Golf Club with 41 points after a card play off

2nd: Gary Lowe & Susan Atkinson from Hart Common Golf Club with 41 points.

3rd: Paul & Angela Williams from Clays Golf Club with 40 points.

4th: Laura & Paul Markham from Vicars Cross Golf Club with 39 points after a card play off with Peter and Chris Carr from Vicars Cross Golf Club.

Nearest the pin Ladies. Jan Woollen from Vicars Cross Golf Club
Nearest the pin. Men. Dave A. Jones from Rhuddlan Golf Club.

Men's Open Results

Winners of the Men's Open held at Vicars Cross Golf Club on the 7th June are as follows,

1st: John and Andrew Evans of Clays Golf Club with 42 points after a card play off.

2nd: Steve Taylor and Rob Spain from Eaton Golf Club with 42 points

3rd: Rob Thomas from Vicars Cross Golf Club and Barry Mellis from Copt Heath Golf Club with 41 pts

Seniors 75th year Invitation

The Seniors Invitational Event at Vicars Cross Golf Club took place on 27th May as part of the celebrations to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Club’s opening. Local clubs were invited to send 4-man Seniors Teams to take part in a 4BBB competition and 14 clubs took up the invitation – together with six teams from Vicars Cross.
The start was heralded by the Lady Town Crier, Julie Mitchell, in full regalia. The weather remained dry and surprisingly warm all day, everybody enjoyed their round and retired to the clubhouse for the meal and prize giving. The event was generously sponsored by ‘James Hearing’ and their Director, Vanessa Weeks, presented the prizes.
A Vicars Cross team had the best score on countback from the Wirrall Ladies team, the team from Nefyn came fourth. ‘Best pairs’ prizes were won by Mile End and High Legh Park.
John Richardson, the son of the founder of the club, played for the Nefyn team and spoke of his memories during and after the war as the Club was put to various uses in aid of the war effort.
The picture shows the competitors taking part with Seniors Captain, Chris Heyland, (centre), Vanessa Weeks and Joanne Brittles from James Hearing, and Julie Mitchell, Town Crier.

Results Ladies Seniors Open

11th October

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15th Sept 2013

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Senior Mens Open Sep 2013

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Ladies Invitation 10th July 2013

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Mens Pairs Open 8th June 2013

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Redfern Mixed Open 9th June 2013
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